MRY Internship Round 2

I am so happy and excited to announce  that I made the first cut in the MRY summer internship program in NYC!! Over 450 students applied and they cut it down to 150. I am so honored and blessed to have made the first cut and can only hope for the best!

I have worked with MRY for a year and a half serving as the brand ambassador for the USF bookstore and have loved the experience. MRY is an innovative agency that is in the process of exploding both nationally and internationally. The clients are awesome, the people are awesome and the agency culture is awesome! (P.S. I’m awesome and will fit right in….)

mry round2

RA Placement for 2013-2014 School Year

For the past month I have been anxiously awaiting the email notifying me where I will be an RA next school year. The RA position isn’t about what building you are placed in, but the experience you create for your residents. I would have been happy anywhere on campus, although I am in love with Poplar! I am called a Poplar Baby and have lived in the building since freshmen year. I am more than happy to announce that I will be returning to Poplar as an RA and the Residence Life Mentor (RLM). The RLM works closely with the Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) and plans staff activities and trains new staff members on policies and procedures. I am so excited to meet and work with my new staff!!

rlm email

Am I an introvert or an extrovert?

Biweekly I have a one on one with my RA supervisor about my residents, schoolwork, personal life etc. Today he brought up a point about how our one on ones are always quick and simple. My response was that in a meeting I prefer to listen and only talk and comment when I have something relevant and important to share. He then told me that I am an introvert and I my first response was “No way, I’m too social for that.” But when he explained why I am more of an introvert I understood what he meant.

I am a great people person and love helping and interacting with others in any way possible. I love giving tours at USF and thrive on helping others succeed. In my personal life I love going out and being the center of attention, especially for events like my birthday! But, I also enjoy spending time alone going to the pool, reading, writing or watching TV. Sometimes I want to just stay in my room and be alone! I don’t need social engagement but use it to stay connected to the world. Academically and professionally, I prefer working alone and not showing drafts of projects until everything is completed. Don’t get me wrong, I am great at team work, but prefer if the work is divided so everyone has their own part.

I’ve always thought introverts were shy and timid, but I am the complete opposite. I’m opinionated, strong willed and sociable. I have a new view of myself and am perfectly ok with being an partly an introvert.

Golden Bull Application

I applied for one of the highest awards given at USF, the Golden Bull Award. The award is given to only 20 students a year who through their leadership, service, and initiatives epitomize the ideals and values of the University of South Florida. I feel as my experience with prospective students, current students and alumni have left an imprint on the university. I find out later this month if I am chosen but thought I would share my video application of my accomplishments. GO BULLS!

Goal #5 Go to Disney

Going to Disney surprisingly was the first goal/activity that I accomplished this year. I went to the taping of Live with Kelly and Michael with my best friend from high school, Heather. After the taping we were able to explore the new Fantasy Land, ride our favorite rides, watch the parade  and celebrate being best friends with special Disney pins. I had not been to Disney in over 5 years and I forgot how magical the entire park is!! I was asked by 3 employees if I worked at one of the parks, I guess I have the Disney look. Playing in the park and going to the taping made me want to work at the most magical place on Earth!

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Possibly a fairy tale in the making?

This is my boyfriend Keval. Will he be my happily ever after? Only time will tell…..

Super Bowl Ads

To say the least Super Bowl Sunday was crazy. Not only did the power go out at the Superdome, but it went out in the Juniper-Poplar residence hall! Our Super Bowl party had to be cancelled and you can only imagine how angry residents were that they could not watch the game. Since the power was out for over 8 hours RAs had to start doing fire walks because of the threat of the generator loosing power. Long story short, it was an Super Bowl that I will never forget! Here are a few of my favorite commercials:

And the big winner of the night… OREO!


Summer Internship Search

I have started my internship search for Summer 2013 and am so excited to enter the real world of marketing and public relations!! My dream is to land an internship in NYC this summer and not only learn about the agency but experience the city! I have never been to NYC but think I will love the fast paced environment and all of the neat things to do.

I am looking for an internship that has a specific internship program with different focuses like account management, strategy, public relations or branding. I would like to get my feet wet in all different aspects of the agency to see which department I like best.

I have updated my resume and think I have some great relevant experience to land the internship. I wish my professors told us about more agencies and internships because I am finding it hard to find information about the programs I am looking for.

Wish me luck! :)

Hype Group Internship

I have officially accepted my internship for spring semester with Hype Group in St. Petersburg, Fl. I am excited for my first agency internship and hope to learn a lot from this experience! I am excited to work with both local and national clients such as World of Beer, Green Bench Brewery, St. Anthony’s Foundation, The Avenue, Lighthouse Bay Villas, Boyd Construction, Sweet Cupcakes, and many more at this boutique agency!!


Happy New Year! A look into the year ahead….

Happy New Year! The past year has been stressful yet fun both personally and academically. I don’t really believe in new year’s resolutions because they are too easy to break, instead I lay out things I want to accomplish and do in the new year. Here are a few goals that I have set for myself in 2013. I will post again when I complete each one!

1. Spend more time with family

2. Have three awesome internships

3. Keep up with this blog

4. Get down back to high school weight

5. Go to Disney!!

6. Swim with dolphins

7. Go skydiving

8. Save $10,000

9. Bump GPA up to a 3.7

10. Catch up on college scrapbook

11. Get passport and use it


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